Sunday, February 27, 2011

Per our discussion last Friday

Hi to anyone reading this. There is a related post on my blog

The point with Nina Paley is not the movie, which I like, but rather her model about the movie as IP. If you watch the movie, watch the credits and notice the acknowledgments. Also look at the remix projects on her wiki.

Then, should you feel inspired take a look at this:

I would recommend the following process. First, watch the video. Don't read any of the comments or get any other information about it first. It is 45 minutes long. Watch yourself as you watch the video. You might even take actual or mental notes on your own process.

Then Google the author. Chiren or Athene should get you there. As you come into contact with the information about the author, again, please watch yourself and your own process. Record or remember what you notice.

Consider all of this in light of our conversation last Friday and collaboration in general. What is the relationship between transparency and collaboration?

I am recommending this all in the context of our conversation about the OER and the 'after class' conversation about how I understand the activity in which I am engaged, based on Trevor's comments about interruption.'

I will be interested to hear from anyone who does this. I did this process myself and found it interesting.

Also, a piece of homework has been missed in the notes.
Please do a two column exercise on a time when you wanted to say "no" and did not, should you be so moved.

If it seems right to us, perhaps we can hear from Dianne and Kurt about what they have been reading or perhaps any follow up on X-teams or an intro to "Bio-teams." I would like to find time to hear from people who have been doing the homework assignments as well, if this ever seems to make sense to us to do.

See you Friday,

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